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Important Documents

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Back Flow Testing - 2024

Back Flow Report

Assessment Collection Policy

Provides Guidance To Management Company

2024 Approved Budget

​Detailed income and expenses

Fine Enforcement Collections Policy

Provides Guidance to Management Company

Backflow Certification - 2024

Detailed Backflow Data

ACC Design-Guidelines

​The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Guidelines are tools for homeowners to use in making design decisions that will benefit the aesthetics and the value of homes and property and the entire community.

​1.15 MB

​Architectural & Landscape Review Submittal Form

​Download and complete this form to request Architectural & Landscape Review

​11  KB

​By Laws

​HOA bylaws are the specific rules designed to enforce how a respective HOA is run, usually on a day to day basis.

​1.55 MB


​CC&Rs are a description of things a homeowner can and cannot do with their property in the neighborhood.

​8.53 MB


​Outlines the core principles you must honor and lets you know when you are outside the line of propriety. It gives you a standard that you can use to compare actions and behaviors against.

​58.4 KB

​Complaint Form

​Download and complete the form to file an official complaint.

​11 KB

​Homeowner Contact Form

​We would use your contact information only as a means of reaching out to you with Community updates and announcements.

​72 KB

​Neighbor Acknowledgement Form

​Download and complete the Neighbor Acknowledgement Form.

​10  KB

​Pima County Security Recommendations

​Provides homeowners with specialized information regarding the safety and security of their home

​1.27 MB


​Condo and planned community statutes in Arizona

​1.47 MB

​President Statement

​Updates to quarterly assessments

​341 KB

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